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  • Ursula
    I love it! These drops - just salvation. The other day will an important event, and I can wear my favorite dress, I thought that already never will return its previous form. Now you can not hide the figure under the robes).
    7 Slim
  • Jürgen
    Long did not dare to write, maybe my review will be useful to others. I never thought that the problem of excess weight will have for me some value. 7 Slim helped to feel again young, I drank only one course and dropped like ten years! feel free to order, if still in doubt.
    7 Slim
  • Monika
    Good tool, tired of regular diet, it is time to clean your body for the past week, taking the drop, and already felt the change, her husband praised that began to look better. Thank you for your work. For the price it is possible to buy, it's worth it!
    7 Slim
  • Helga
    After birth, could not lose weight while doing yoga, a little bit was good. Should take a break and weight come back. After using the drops I have decreased appetite, sleepiness disappeared, mood improved. It's been a few months after taking the course, and the weight has stayed normal! It's a miracle.
    7 Slim
  • Sabine
    I have a sedentary job and I can't afford regular exercise to keep in shape, but gyms do not like. Winter usually gain weight bought 7 Slim to try to maintain a normal weight, on the recommendation of mom. I managed to buy at a reduced price until there is action.
    7 Slim
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